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    Contract Purchase Agreement Pricing Update in Advanced Pricing to Item Cost

      We are using Advanced Pricing module in Purchasing (r12) to manage products by a purchasing category code that receive price increases/decreases .

      There are many items to one Purchasing category code and a price change occurred. The new price was updated in the Price List for that purchasing category code and when a PO is created for a specific item it is priced correctly.

      Now we need to update each raw material item's cost for that Operating Unit and Inventory org in the Manufacturing thread (this rolls up to the standard cost for the manufactured item). Is there a way to update the raw material item cost based on our purchasing category code? How can this be done short of pulling a report and updating each items' costs?

      This is not updating a roll up of standard cost of the finish good but a change to a finished good's component within the rolled up standard cost.