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    Seperate Purchase Validation Org ?


      We have en existing ERP system where for each OU, a seperate Purchase Validation Org (PVO) has been defined. I know that Oracle does not need a dedicated PVO, instead we can use our normal shipping org as PVO also. Can anyone tell me some benefits that I can have only by having seperate PVO ?

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Whenever you are placing a PO for an item, Oracle validates the item by looking it up in the org that is mentioned in the "Inventory Organization" field.

          If you have different master orgs for each of those OU, it makes sense to use a diff. PVO. Say, you have Item1 that is present in OU1 and Item2 in OU2. If you have a common PVO called PVO1, then both items will be present in that org.
          When someone in OU2 creates a PO, that user will be shown a comparitively larger Item LOV. That LOV will contain the items (such as Item1) that are not supposed by ordered by OU2.
          By having a separate PVO, you eliminate this problem.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi