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    XML Publisher Bursting Program - limitation of email addresses

      In the XML Publisher Bursting program we were able to add only 3 email addresses(containing 87 characters) the email was sent successfully.

      When we tried to concatenate with another email address (it went up to 115 characters), the email was not sent to any of the email addresses (but the bursting program completed with normal status)

      Is there any limitation in adding the email address in the tag
      <xapi:message id="123" to="fmdg43@motorolasolutions.com,dwx438@motorolasolutions.com,rnpv68@motorolasolutions.com" attachment="true" subject="${MAIL_SUBJECT}">${BURST_MAIL_BODY}</xapi:message>

      we also tried changing the bursting control file as below but still we did not receive mail to any of the email addresses

      <xapi:filesystem output="${FILE_SYS_OUTPUT}" />
      - <xapi:email server="${HOST_NAME}" port="25" from="${BURST_MAIL_ADD}" reply-to="">
      <xapi:message id="123" to="fmdg43@motorolasolutions.com,cth467@motorolasolutions.com,vbkg73@motorolasolutions.com" attachment="true" subject="${MAIL_SUBJECT}">${BURST_MAIL_BODY}</xapi:message>
      <xapi:message id="123" to="fmdg43@motorolasolutions.com,wkd738@motorolasolutions.com,wrfm73@motorolasolutions.com" attachment="true" subject="${MAIL_SUBJECT}">${BURST_MAIL_BODY}</xapi:message>
      <xapi:message id="123" to="fmdg43@motorolasolutions.com
      - <!--
      PDF generation for mails
      - <xapi:Document key="${MOT_SO_NUMBER}" output-type="pdf" delivery="123">
      <xapi:template type="rtf" location="${TEMP_LOC}" />

      Is there any other solution to add more number of email addresses in the bursting program?