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    Modify byte file

      after a 15 minute rumble on the already posted threads (i only managed to find a resembling problem, concerning character files) I decided to open my own question.

      my intention is to modify the ID3v2 tags on some of my mp3 files which are encoded in a greek code page (iso-8859-7 or windows 1253) and turn them into uincode, so that itunes renders them normally.

      i'd like anyone to provide me with a good n thorough reference on how to deal with byte files, other than the rudimentary java tutorial, that deals with the subject in terms of principles and basic approach, such as
      -how to read a certain portion of the byte file that is defined by a certain recognition header
      -how to replace a byte sequence in a file with another one (smaller or larger) without corrupting the file
      -programmaticaly correct ways of using the tools (ByteBuffer's, SeekableByteChannel's etc...)

      thanks in advance!

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