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    "triple posting feature" is back ?

    Srini Chavali-Oracle
      Looks like after the downtime this weekend, the "triple posting" feature is back :-)

      See ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol” error for an example. Are others seeing the same issue ?

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          I found one solitary duplication so far.
          It happened to be in a reply by a newbie, and the first of the two posts also had a re-edit timestamp but the duplicate did not have such text in it. I think they'd used the BACK button of their browser before eventually finding the EDIT link. I have since removed the duplication to let the thread read smoothly.

          I don't think the "problem" is necessarily there, else we'd see duplicates/triplicates of fresh posts instead of only multiple replies.
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            Srini Chavali-Oracle
            Thanks - seems to be a false alarm - I have not seen any other "triple posts"

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              I take back my earlier response. the issue of multiple postings seems to have returned.

              It's been a week since the most recent maintenance outage and the back end of the site seems to have issues. It is most evident in the very busy sections such as Database, Fusion Middleware, and Development tools. I've removed multiple fresh posts and I've removed multiple thread responses. In one case there were ten posts to the Forms forum in DevTools and in another instance there were seven responses to a single Database/General thread. (From sheer curiosity, I glance through every category at least once each day.)

              All were by forum members with low post counts (200 or fewer), though not necessarily newbies.
              My suspicions? There is something that is making the underlying OTN update function sluggish. A troublesome disk drive perhaps?
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                John Stegeman
                I have seen one double post (from myself) because it took so long for my first reply to appear in the thread that I assumed something was wrong and posted again.
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                  Srini Chavali wrote:
                  Looks like after the downtime this weekend, the "triple posting" feature is back :-)

                  Been getting slow response when posting all day. After a few secs of waiting I open a new browser window to confirm the posting happened and then I terminate the existing browser window still spinning and waiting for a response from the posting.

                  A posting I did a few minutes ago, I just let run (did not "kill" it after confirming via another window the posting happened). And sure as hell, when the window eventually got a response - triplicate posting.

                  Definitely seems to be performance related with the Jives layer timing out or something and then retrying - with each retry actually working...?

                  <i>Update: it took about 3+ minutes after posting this response to see it - I was busy retyping it in another window as I thought that this posting never happened</i>
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                    In Database General forum, I see a thread (well, three actually) that shows the "triplicates" symptom of two additional copies dated about two minutes later following the "real" post:


                    I've also noted recently that when posting messages, web browser seem to be waiting (ie. loading) for some time even after post is visible if thread is opened in a different window or tab. So, yes, it seems the slowness and triplicates problems are back.

                    Hopfully the troubleshooting and fixes done earlier were documeted so now forums will be working fine again before next month. ;)

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                      Srini Chavali-Oracle
                      I can confirm that I have seen a few posts/threads in the past few days that exhibit this multiple posting behavior - it does not seem to as widespread as it was a few months ago, but is still an issue nonetheless

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                        Christian Erlinger
                        Here it is again:

                        Mutating command

                        could someone at least remove the 2 unnecessary posts of mine?

                        thx, Christian
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                          They both have been removed.

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                            Yeah, this is definitely happening again.
                            When I post it takes ages for the post to be made, and this can be causing multiple posts to appear. Other members are clearly experiencing the same, and I've seen this over the past few days, though today seems particularly bad. I'm having to delete a lot of duplicate postings to try and keep things tidy.
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