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    creating a data row in a blank file

      We load two YTD files for every company, one file is financial data and the other is statistical data. Both of these files are processed in the same batch. The financial data file is processed first and replaces on export. The stat file is second and merges on export then triggers a full consolidation. Because statistics are only entered in the source system at the end of the month we have a empty stat file the first couple of weeks in January and FDM does not trigger a consolidation. I understand that i can make the financial data file trigger a consolidation but i would rather not have to worry about turning that on and off once a year. I would like FDM to "create" a data every time the stat file is imported so that a consolidation is always triggered. I have tried using logic account but those require a source row to be effective. I have also tried scripts in the import format which i was hoping would replace blanks. However i dont believe those are processing because it isnt getting paste that the file is completely blank

      Please let me know if you have any alternative ideas on ways to create a data row on import. It seems like this would be possible, maybe in the befIimport event script?