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    Can anyone help on this question. SOLVED, thanks.

      I have solved this Problem, thanks


      I am a very new developer for Oracle database mobile server. I am currently leaning how to perform data synchronization between android mobile device (with 2.3.3 - 2.3.6) and back end oracle 11g database.

      I have managed to setup the mobile server and running correctly, I have also successfully published publication called "test_app" on mobile server which supposes to synchronize a table called "Test_Table1" on back-end oracle db ("Test_Table1" containing two column "id" and "name" for testing purposes). I have also registered this device with mobile server and using oracle provided sample android application on this phone to perform the synchronization (a user have been set for this device on mobile server). Everything works fine so far and I can successfully synchronize with back-end db. I understand that there will be a database created on android mobile phone (after first synchronization) and will have the same name as the name of publication, which in my case will be "test_app". Also a snapshot table will be created to store the data from back-end db.

      Here is my question: How do I locate this database on mobile device side and retrieve the data from it.

      I have tried (pseudo code): connect to db test_app; select * from Test_Table1;
      But I am getting table does not exists exception.

      Could any one help me on this issue or provide me a example based on my case please.

      Thanks you very much!

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