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    Audit event MergeWorkspace


      How is it possible to track information about event 'DBMS_WM.MergeWorkspace' or 'DBMS_WM.MergeTable' (osuser, time etc) ?



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          Ben Speckhard-Oracle

          You can use Workspace Manager events to accomplish this. See chapter 2 of the user manual for additional details. First you would need to enable events:

          SQL> execute dbms_wm.SetSystemParameter ('ALLOW_CAPTURE_EVENTS', 'ON');

          Then you specify which events you are interested in using dbms_wm.SetCaptureEvent. In your case, you would want to enable the WORKSPACE_MERGE* and TABLE_MERGE events. See the wm_events_info view for supported events. They are also listed in the user manual.

          Then when you dequeue the message you can get the time from the message_properties parameter. The payload parameter(which is of type wmsys.wm$event_type) would have details about the workspace, table_name, etc.

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            Thank you, Ben. Its what I want.