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    Cannot see Job Console under administer in Workspace

      I am working on demodrive for version on Windows 2008 server.
      I cannot find job console and application library under navigation > administer.

      Please let me know how can I enable these options
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          I have had the same issue both on the Vlamis BIC2G-demo drive (VM-ware image) and on the Amazon Web Services-version (AWS) of 11.1.2.
          It seems the (virtual) Server needs to be rebooted and after that it depends on the sequence in which you start up services.

          11.1.3 on the Vlamis VM-ware image:
          I have experienced that after you start the Oracle Database (1st) and (2nd) you should start the EPMA Services and Calculation Manager if needed before you start the actual applications, either Financial Reporting or Planning. Leave som time between the start up of the individual services (5-10 min.)

          I start on a fresh instance
          I can not get the compact version of services start up to work.
          So in the Menu "Start" "All Programs" I choose the detailed Services start-up bat file.
          After that i Start the Services in the following sequence:
          1. Oracle Database (and listener)
          2. an other Oracle service that do not remember the name of. Checked up ont that. It is "Oracle Process Manager (bi)"
          3. EPMA-services
          4. Calc Manager Services
          5-x. Other relevant services for your demo needs.

          Here also leave some time between the invidual start-ups. (couple of minutes)
          I recommend and X-large instance with 15GB RAM to run a full demo - at least for HFM/Financial reporting.

          I hope this helps.


          Søren Blak

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