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    BIOS messed up on x6250 need recovery help

      I tried to update the BIOS on one of my x6250 blades and now it will not show me the BIOS post screen and the green light on the front blinks rapidly, etc.

      When I plug in the console cable this is what I get (below).

      Can someone please tell me how to get this fixed??

      Resetting CPU ...

      Resetting ...þ

      U-Boot 1.1.4

      custom GRASP U-Boot 1.3 (Feb 24 2011 - 09:19:43) r62897

      DRAM: 120 MB
      Flash: 16 MB
      Net: ast_eth0
      Booting linux in 3 seconds...
      Un-Protect Flash Bank # 1
      Un-Protect Flash Bank # 2
      Trying primary image...
      Trying secondary image...
      nothing happens
      Unknown command 'bootfmh' - try 'help'
      WARNING: Will reboot after 300 seconds of idle time.