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    Multiple file upload

      I need to upload multiple files from my system in ADF application, but "inputFile" component allows only one file. is it possible implement a multiple file upload similar to gmail file attachements?. Any help/pointers are appreciated.

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          Timo Hahn
          The only thing you can do its to upload the file one after the other using ADF. As far as I know jsf 2.2 draft may introduce a multi file upload.

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            Hi Surya ,

            Did you get any solution?
            I also have the similar requirement wherein I need to show progress of each upload as well ( like gmail attachments).

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              hello ,

              if u interested to look for a solution why not us and html page to submit the uploaded file and using java servlet

              multipl upload

              or try the following

              muutiple file upload request


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                Uploadify (http://www.uploadify.com/) is a JQuery solution for handling multiple file uploads.

                Good luck,
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                  I can think of a solution using ADF

                  One thing you can do is to have a managed bean has List<UploadedFile> files

                  And you can generate your inputFile to use valueChangeListener and ofcourse don't forget the auto submit to be true, and once you submit a value, you can add it to the uploadedFile "files" list.

                  The only problem you may have is that when a user try to update an existing uploaded file, I believe this may require tweaking so instead of having List<UploadedFile> you can have a Hashtabl<UIComponent,UploadedFile> to make sure you map things correctly!

                  I'll try it and let you know the results

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