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    Purchasing/Inventory Guru assistance required!

      Hello Everyone,
      We just implemented 12.1.3 on Linux. Having a blast as you can imagine. To make a long story short, I need a guru in purchasing/inventory to understand the levity of a configuration change. Let me explain:

      We have 2 OU's, each OU has multiple inventory orgs. (For this example lets say OU_1, and OU_2, and each has 2 inventory Orgs. A/B and C/D respectively).

      During implementation our consultants configured the 'Inventory Organization' value in the "Supplier - Purchasing" tab within Financial Options for Purchasing (Purchasing Super User > Setup > Organizations > Financial Options) to use a inventory org in each OU that was NOT the Master Inventory Organization.

      So in this example lets say for OU_1 they used A, and OU_2 they used C, not the "Master Inventory Org".

      We then discovered (once in production) that creating an item in the Master Org, and then assigning it to Inv Org B in OU_1 that we could NOT get it on a REQ, PO or otherwise. UNLESS we added it to Inv Org A in OU_1. Simiilar experience for Inv Org D in OU_2.

      My question here, is that we've gone back into our DEV instance and changed this to be the MASTER org in both OU's...

      So far it appears that this does not have any ramifications, but Oracle documentation specifically states

      "You need to choose an inventory organization if you use
      Purchasing. You can associate each of your Purchasing operating units with one
      inventory item master organization. When you associate your Purchasing operating
      unit with an inventory organization, items you define in this organization become
      available in Purchasing. You can only choose an inventory organization that uses the
      same ledger as your Purchasing operating unit. Do not change the Inventory
      Organization after you have already assigned one to Purchasing."

      That last statement giving me the most anxiety. I'm hoping someone out there can give me a really good idea of the ramifications of doing this and where we might potentially run into trouble! My thought is that going from a Subset, to the Superset in our example wouldn't necessarily cause any issues. It would cause issues if we had changed from Master to Transactional Org.

      Thanks team!
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          I have done it before and didn't find any issues as expected.

          I would still recommend to log a SR with Oracle and get more clarify on the notes they have mentioned on changing the Inv Org.


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            Here is how it should go:

            1. The Validation organization souldnt be changed unless there are strong reasons for it...

            2. If you must, you should move to an organization that can be considered as superset...i.e.
            a should have all the items assigned to it that exist in the current validation organization.
            b Should have all item attributes (particularly prchasing) set to same value as current validation org.

            3. Thorough analysis and testing needs to be carried out before making any such change. In your case, 2a is met, the new org being master....but you need to carry ot analysis on 2b besides any other factors... like any customizations etc....

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              You need to watch out for the following.
              Go to Inventory > Setup > items > Categories > Default category sets

              Find the category set associated with Purchasing.
              If that category set is master controlled you are good.
              But if it is controlled at the child level, you will have to ensure that ALL items associated to your child org have the same category in the master org for that category set.
              This is needed because Oracle puts the item-category combination on the PO documents (such as requisitions / purchase orders etc.)
              If you don't do that, you will start getting errors when you open POs or when you try to query on PO summary screen.

              You typically have to ensure that all items are assigned to the new validation org. But in your case, since you are going from a child org to master org, you are okay.

              Hope this helps,
              Sandeep Gandhi
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                Thanks everyone,

                Amit, we do have a pretty legit reason, basically items that should only be transacted in OU_1, Org B (our DI org), currently have to be made available in Org A. Which means someone can technically purchase a DI item to go to our physical warehouse. That is VERY undesirable.

                I get what you're saying 2b, I will look deeper, we don't have any table or application customization, really just a custom PO print format and our own category sets.

                Which brings me to Sandeep..

                I checked my purchasing category set and it's assigned to our companies defined purchasing Category, i.e. XX_Purchasing_Category. I have also verfied that this category is controlled (via the category sets window) at the "Master Level"
                Thanks again!

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