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    Having Issue with Service Monitor Report when using Oracle DB


      I set up Oracle XE to store monitoring and message data for Service Monitor. I configured the Database Connection in Policy Studio, and deployed the configuration. When starting the Service Monitor, I got "There are no reporting nodes configured." error.

      Here is the detailed message:
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:13:54.155 [ed46fa00] thread set netsvc threadpool drained
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:13:55.074 [ed46fa00] rolling file logs/ConfigurationManagementAuditTrail.xml stopped
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:13:55.078 [ed46fa00] Shutting down Policy Director Manager
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:13:55.093 [ed46fa00] rolling file trace/ServiceMonitor.trc stopped
      [oracle@EDCPR16P0 bin]$ ./oegservicemonitor
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:13:59.896 [911baa00] Attempting to connect to entity store at federated:file:////u01/app/oracle/oeg11g/oegservicemonitor/conf/fed/configs.xml
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:03.014 [911baa00] Realtime monitoring disabled
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:03.016 [911baa00] Storing metrics in database disabled
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:03.781 [911baa00] cert store configured
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:03.785 [911baa00] keypairs configured
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:03.791 [911baa00] Initializing server
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:04.423 [911baa00] Attempting to connect to repConfig entity store at file:/u01/app/oracle/oeg11g/oegservicemonitor/conf/repConfig.xml
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:04.455 [911baa00] There are no reporting nodes configured.
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:04.456 [911baa00] Initializing report file format transformer
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:13.005 [911baa00] Server initialized
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:13.206 [911baa00] TCP interface
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:13.206 [911baa00] checking invariants for interface *:8040
      INFO 27/Jan/2012:13:14:13.206 [911baa00] listen on address

      It looks like the repConfig.xml file needs to be updated. If so, what elements? Anything else i am missing?