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    SmartView Error: Concurrent requests on the same session are not allowed

      Hi All

      I am wondering if anyone has experienced the following error in SmartView / APS

      When I am performing a retrieval on an Essbase application/database (BSO/ASO), I am getting the following error message:

      Concurrent requests on the same session are not alllowed. Wait till the previous request completes processing.

      I have noticed that I get this error after processing the request goes longer than 5mins. When I look at the Essbase session in EAS I can see the request still being performed by Essbase but the APS has disconnected me and I have to login again.

      I have adjust the registry settings on the client perform the retrieval to increase timeout settings, I have turned compression off and on.

      However no luck. I can replicate this error on a stand alone server which puts doubt that it is a network issue. I have also increase the maxstrucktread in the APS weblogic server from 600 to 1200 but with no success.

      I am pretty sure I have been able to run a 40min retrieval using the same version of Smart View and APS at another client.

      Has anyone seen this error or being able to run a SmartView retrieval with data for over 5mins?

      Any help would be great. Issue has been logged with Oracle Support to verify if they can replicate the issue.