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    Part number for Sun L25 power supply


      Did anyone know the part number of L25 power supply? Is 217850/01 is the correct one?
      The unit is on production and I can not power it off to check. There is a LED right to the power switch is RED and I need to replace the unit.

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          If I recall correctly (and that recollection is almost seven years old) the power supply in the L25 is not stocked as a replacement part. I seem to remember that it is an integral part of the external chassis assembly and you replace the whole thing, moving the tape drive across as needed.

          Let's wait for others to choose to respond, or you can just log a SR for a definitive answer from Technical Support.
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            Sun not have P/N for PS, becasue replace whole base library as FRU.

            At this moment this library - EOSL.

            But realy - it's equipment from Quantum. ATL M1500
            May be it's help find spare parts.