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    Resource bundle at arbitrary location


      I am using Build JDEVADF_11.

      I am exploring i18n using adf and the general concept seems to be like defining something like the below snippet in the faces-config.xml
      com.oracle.blah.SomeProperties.propeties file (or com.oracle.blah.SomeProperties.java) file must exist.

      This would mean that I have to have the properties file inside the project itself. What if I want to have the properties file at some predefined location (say C:\MyWork or /root/mywork) which might change at any point of time and still be able to use it for i18n. How do I define the <resource-bundle> tag in that case?

      The reason I want to have a properties file outside of the project is that I need the ability to change the property values without redeploying the project or restarting the weblogic server.

      Any pointers is appreciated.