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    Trouble Accessing PS PIA on VM from my desktop

      I have installed the Oracle Virtual Server, VM Manager, and the PS Templates on one physical box. However, when I try to access 10.x.x.x:8000/ps/signon.html from my laptop I cannot access the server. I get the standard webpage cannot be displayed error.

      The Virtual Server has an IP Address of
      There are two virtual machines. One for the DB and the other for App/Batch and PIA (Weblogic)

      When I powered on and configured the db server I gave it as the IP address
      When I powered on and configured the App/Batch/Weblogic VM I gave it as the IP Address

      Everything installed correctly and all the app servers and processes schedulers started and connected to the DB successfully.

      I can ping the successfully. However ,I cannot ping either of the other two addresses from my laptop or even from the Virtual Server console.

      What did I do wrong?