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    WebCenter Spaces - User not available in the configured identity store

    Jaap Spiering
      I'm experiencing an issue with WebCenter Spaces 11g PS3, primarily with the Activity Stream and user profiles.
      I am using the embedded LDAP in WebLogic, have a string of users there, all of them are able to access and use Spaces.

      I've just created a new space with a particular user, but when I look at the Activity Stream of the space (Team space template) the user's display name is not displayed, nor is his profile picture. When I click on the user name, a popup is displayed which says:

      " User 9B85E4701CE411E1BFB0AF3D03FDB0A4 not available in the configured identity store. The user may have been removed from the system."

      And the WC_Spaces server logs:

      <Jan 31, 2012 7:24:10 AM PST> <Warning> <oracle.webcenter.activitystreaming.view.component.rich.ActivityPanel> <BEA-000000> <Can't get profile due to null>

      Also, when I look at the Members page of this space the user's profile picture is displayed, but not his display name. This behaviour is inconsistent, for some users I get this message, for other users their profile behaves normally, but it's certainly very annoying and it does break some of the functionality.

      My idea is that the system-jazn-data file might be corrupted or something, but I'm reluctant to throw anything out. Any pointers would be appreciated.