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    Found wrong applictionScope sticking to oldContext for oldApplication

    Brent Harlow
      Hi guys,

      I've searched on all the forums for this - there has been some posts on the JDeveloper forum but no real solution. Thought I would check in with you guys to see if you've seen this behaviour in the log files.

      I'm using JDeveloper and JHeadstart

      I have a number of JHeadstart ADF applications deployed to the same weblogic server. While everything seems to work ok in the applications, I notice tons of entries in the log files like this
      <Jan 31, 2012 6:19:01 PM GMT> <Warning> <oracle.adf.share.http.ServletADFContext> <BEA-000000> <Found wrong applictionScope sticking to oldContext for oldApplication XXXXXX(2.5-29092011), while the current one is YYYYY(1.2-18012012)>
      Sometimes the error is for the same application, just different versions (between current active and earlier archived, sometimes it is for different applications altogether.

      For each application I set the cookie-path in the weblogic.xml (do you guys normally do this for your applications ?)
      Any idea why this error message is shown (seems to loop through 8 or 9 times each time it shows) ?

      I've noticed a number of the JHeadstart beans are set to application scope (mainly breadcrumbs)

      Should I be worried about this warning (it is only a warning after all) in the logs ? Have you seen it ? Any idea how I can avoid it ?


      Brent Harlow