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    Oracle Apex 4.0 Application Edit Logo Display

      Hello to all

      I am using oracle apex 4.0 and i import the application which was developed in APex 3.0 . The problem is i create one application logo. and now i cant display image under that logo.


      above line i use to display image.. kindly tell me where i need to import my image.
      i already import the image in static files and in image but still i cant display this logo

      Thanks in advance

      Virpura Digvijaysinh
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          Hello Virpura ,

          you're probably in the wrong forum, as your question seem to concern APEX, so the forum to post would have been {forum:id=137}.
          Anyway, it seems simple to help you get along, so:
          You can upload images to Shared Components > Images. Make sure you assign the correct application (or make it a workspace image).
          The substitution string you have to use will be either
          instead of "#myworkspace#".
          You can also put the image along with the static contents of your APEX installation, sometimes also referred to as "APEX images", using the substitution for your Images Prefix