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    LOV Designer 6i

      I've an issue with an LOV in dessiger 6i. Didn't work for years in this, but I've to fix something in an old application.
      Mu problem is that I've created a new colum which is a FK in table A and is the PK in table B.
      I've created an LOV on the ID & Description of table B, because I want to show the description of a record of table B in the LOV, but I want to save the FK (the ID from table B in table A)
      I;ve created the LOV, works fine, but the value of the ID is not being stored in the FK in table A. Am I missing something? Like a return item for the LOV? I've searched and searched but didn't succeed. Plz any suggestion how I could link the LOV to the FK in Designer?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Important is first that you include the FK relation in the table design of table A. Forms generator uses this FK relation to identify the block items involved.

          Then you base your block on table A, and create a lookup table usage for table B by right clicking on Table Usage of A. If you properly defined your FK in the table design, you will see table B.
          Include the display value of table B as a bound item.

          Attach the LOV to the lookoup item in the lookup table B. Forms generator will automatically return the values in the proper items (id in table A and lookup in the display item of table B).

          For more info, see many topics about lookup items and LOV's in the Help.
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            Thanks. I had to gave the id field in the look up and the fk in the table the same name while generating the LOV. If the name is different, no mapping is established.