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    Is there a way to change the period of PRM data  which can be kept?

    Tswttj -Oracle

      (*) Enviroment: SunMC 4.0 on Solaris 10 (SPARC).
      the PRM patch is 138553-07 (not the latest one: the latest one is 138553-11).

      (*) symtpom

      When he tried to geneate report Graphic using Performance Reporting Manager(PRM),
      the possible periold to generate a report is different for CPU and memory properities.

      He can only geneate a graphic for "Data Property:memory usage(%)" which perold is not over about 40 days. when specifying
      a periold which is over about 40 days from the current day, it reports "No data found error".

      But for "Data Property:CPU usage(%)", he can create a graphic which periold
      is over 1 year from the current day.

      He tested it on Dec8 and Jan19, the results are the same.
      it seems that "Data Property:memory usage(%)" data can only be kept
      for a period which is not over about 40 days.
      Abd For all hosts are the same.

      (*) Question:
      Is there a way to change the period of PRM data which can be kept?