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    JMS OutboundAdapter

      Hi ,

      When i performed the step mentioed to configure the JMS adapter i get the below error

      org.springframework.beans.FatalBeanException: Error in context lifecycle initial
      ization; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: JNDI lookup fai
      led for jms/MyConnectionFactory from provider t3://remotemachine:7001

      I checked in the JNDI tree of that WLS. And i can see the JNDI listed.

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          can you enable jms adapter debug in config.xml and try again (JmsAdapter logging level Debug) and see what you get? the issue you are getting can be because of multiple reasons:

          1] is you jms adapter configuration having same host name with domain name as you have mentioned?
          2] is the wls host server having /etc/hosts entry so that it can be pinged with ping remotemachine and not only with ping remotemachine.domainname
          3] Your machine is reachable on network.

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            Check the JMS connections settings.

            Peter Paul
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              Thanks for your response.

              The issue got resolved. I didnt do much i just re created the Queues in WLS and it worked fine. Now the next problem i see is I publish a message in the CEP channel but I cant see it in JMS queue.

              HTTPSubAdapter ---->Channel------>JMSOutBoundAdapter.

              I havent used any converters. Im just publishing a message and i want to see it out in the JMS queue.
              Is there somthing that im missing here.