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    How to copy DFF value from FRQ to PO


      Please suggest how to copy DFF value entered in RFQ ( in sourcing module) to Purchase order DFF ?

      Is there any way to update/populate PO headers after PO creating engine workflow triggered with RFQ DFF values ?

      Requirement is need to maintain one common number is all related documents like Auction, RFQ, Quote and PO.


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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Oracle does maintain a link between RFQ and Quote and PO if you use the TOOLS > Copy Document to convert RFQ to Quote and Quote to PO. You can see that link in the source document field.

          If you must have the same number, you can consider making numbering for these documents = MANUAL. But users typically don't like that option.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Note that, RFQ and PO header share the same DFF in Oracle Applications.


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              When RFQ created from sourcing module, data will be stored in PO_ACUTION_HEADERS_ALL table not in po headers table. So PO DFF will be different from RFQ DFF in this case, i.e they dont share same table data.

              Now the problem is how can we copy/populate RFQ DFF values (created from sourcing module) to PO DFF when sourcing RFQ is awarded?

              I checked in PO creation code, oracle inserting only few columns into po_headers_all table from interface table. That means even we populate attribute1(2,3..) values in po headers interface table, oracle is not considering them when inserting into po headers table.

              Iis there any way to achieve this?


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