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    How to create publication item based on view? - Please help, Many thanks!

      I have 4 tables in my DB and a view created based those 4 tables (this view does not have primary key or virtual primary key). I only need mobile client to be able to read data from view not required any update to the this view.

      I have managed to create a publication item based on this view only, refresh option as "Complete", no index, no parent table hint and no primary key hint. Successfully published on mobile server 11g. But I am getting error when try to synchronize with this publication.

      "oracle.opensync.ose.OSEException(-12011): Plugin has thrown an exception, see the cause <- oracle.opensync.osp.PluginException <- oracle.opensync.plugins.sqlite.SqliteException(-13003): Invalid primary key definition received for snapshot "MOBILE_VIEW" "

      The "MOBILE_VIEW" is the name of the view I have created.

      Can anyone help or give some hint please.

      Thank you very much!!!