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    Enterprise Manager Grid Control can send SNMP Traps to third-party?

      GC 11.1

      It looks like a simple config, but I've got into a confusion about it.

      I'm trying to figure out the configuration to send SNMP traps to a third party server.

      My scenario is:

      Node A (managed, monitored) ---- GC box------ SNMP box (final destination).

      My understanding is that the traps (notification methods) configured on GC box are generated by the Agent on Node A, then received by the GC and distributed as e-mails.

      What is the config to set the traps from A to reach SNMP box?
      There is the help page from the GC page (confused about interpretation):

      "Add SNMP Trap pageThe Add SNMP Trap page enables you to provide the name of the host (machine) on which the SNMP Master Agent is running and other details so that SNMP traps can be sent through Notification Rules.

      An example is shown below.

      Name HP OpenView Console

      Description Notification method to send trap to HP openview console

      SNMP Trap Host Name litleguy.us.oracle.com

      SNMP Host Port 162

      SNMP Community public

      This SNMP host will receive your SNMP traps.

      Note: A Test Trap button exists for you to test your setup."

      Any suggestions are highly appreciated.