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    ASL and Sourcing Rules

      We want to restrict categories of spend by supplier, e.g. for category STATIONERY only VIKING DIRECT can be used.

      I understand this can be achieved using ASL/Sourcing Rules, does anybody have experience of this who can advise how this works in practise?
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          Can you explain your requirement a little more.
          ASL\Sourcing Rules are used to default supplier in Req\PO.. if you need assistance on ASL\Sourcing rule, we shall assist
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            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
            You can define your categories and assign them to items.
            Then you can create an ASL by selecting commodity = that category.
            And then you list the suppliers that are approved for items in that category.

            It reduces data entry drastically. If you have 500 items in the OFFICE SUPPLIES category, you don't have to maintain 500 entries that say this item is purchased from STAPLES.
            Instead you just make one entry. This way, if another 10 items are added to that category, no ASL maintenance is needed.

            Also, if you switch from STAPLES to OFFICE DEPOT, you just have to change one entry; not 500.

            This may not work very well if you are sourcing prices from Quotes /blankets.
            But if your purchases are not item based, this works great.

            Hope this helps,
            Sandeep Gandhi