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    OBIEE Administrator Tasks


      I am new to OBIEE, I am planning to start my career as a OBIEE Administrator. Can anyone help me how can I know what are the tasks of an OBIEE Administrator in real time. Any ebooks, links, blogs will be appreciated.

      I am good at installing and configuring various Oracle tools, so planning to work as an OBIEE Administrator. Let anyone help me in knowing the tasks and responsibilities for this position and any suggestions and guidelines using some good material will be helpful. If anyone has any questions please let me know.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Now a Days Every Organization is looking for people who not only take cares about administration but even he need to have developer skills.
          So, I suggest you to start your carrer as developer and then you can move on to Administrator.

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            Hi Thanks for reply.

            I have good knowledge as a OBIEE Developer in creating reports, dashboards, rpd etc. so I am very interested in Admin side. Please let me know if you have anything from the OBIEE Admin prospective.

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              Check this below link:

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                Its Gud to know you already knew how to develop reports etc...


                what are the duties of OBIEE Admin ?

                Over all OBIEE Administration work includes
                1> Installations – OBIEE repository Server , OBIEE Presentation Sever , oc4j or any other web server , JDK , Oracle Client Instlaation ,Clustering(not everyone does clustering) , Helping user with OBIEE briefing book component and OBIEE MS Office component installations , BI Publisher

                2> Configurations – Configuraing MUDE( Multi User Development Environment) OBIEE scheduler , Usage Tracking , Security integration between rpd and BI Publisher ,Repository Sever and Presentation Server configuration changes , Cluster Configs ,Cache etc

                3>Security – Over all security , SSO , OBIEE content and Data level security etc

                3>Merge and Migrations – OBIEE Repository and Catalogs as well as BI Publisher reports merge and migrations

                4>Space Management- Server space management for various log file , cache files , back up files etc

                5>Monitoring – Monitoring the over all obiee usage on server and capture the usage spikes etc to improve the performance

                6> Uptime – Over all uptime of server

                Linux v/s Window Environment – Basic Obiee Administration activity on both Windows and Linux are pretty much the same. Its way of doing it differs on 2 environments.
                e.g starting/stoping services , Taking back up rpd and web cat ,changing some config parameters like cache etc.
                Bottom Line - One will be do the tasks on Linux as one does on Windows.As both Platforms are different you will have to do it differently to achieve the same task.

                Best place to start – I would suggest go through Oracle By Example for OBIEE, then read OBIEE documentation and internet blogs and most important get your hand dirty by working on Admin tasks.

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