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    cacaocsc: unable to find NSS libraries


      I've got a problem that drives me mad and I wonder if someone could help.

      Basically I'm trying to install Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.3 on Oracle Linux Server release 6.2.
      I'm pretty sure that I've installed all required bits and bobs, vda-install goes OK, no errors in vda-install.log* as far as I can see. Unfortunately when invoking vda-config I'm getting +"The configuration of Oracle VDI 3.3 has failed"+.

      After investigating vda-config.logs I think it bombs out because of "pinging cluster agent - cannot reach cluster agent" and this is due to the

      cacaocsc: unable to find NSS libraries

      and when actually trying to invoke /opt/sun/cacao/private/bin/cacaocsc
      I get +"cacaocsc: unable to find NSS libraries"+

      Relevant OpenSSL libraries are present on the system, as a part of troubleshooting I even added openssl097a-0.9.7a-9.el5_4.2.i386 because I found some info on the net leading me to thinking that this is what it wants. Still no joy though.

      # rpm -qa|grep openssl

      Any ideas what I'm missing? Do you know where cacaocsc is expecting to find NSS libraries?
      I searched the forum/google but couldn't find anything useful. I would be most grateful if someone could comment on that, happy to provide more info should you need it.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.


      * apart of: "+++ Adding SUNWuttscd
      error: incorrect format: unknown tag
      rpm: no packages given for install"
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          OK, I've got it working. Just for referance - solution was as easy as 1,2,3 :

          1. Read the documentation "Sun Ray Software Installation and Configuration Guide"

          2. Read the documentation again, with particular emphasis on "Operating System Requirements"

          3. Use supported operating system, i.e. Oracle Linux 5.6 and not Oracle Linux 6.2

          Just a one thing needed a tweak, server list was empty when using firefox to access sun ray gui,
          uncle google helped to [find a solution|http://www.horizonsystems.com/forum/15-thin-client-central/47-sunray-administrative-console-and-firefox-4]

          cd /tmp
          unzip /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
          echo "#f1\3Ap1\3At1 { display:block;}" >> com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
          zip -r /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
          rm -rf com
          /etc/init.d/utwadmin stop; /etc/init.d/utwadmin start