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    Loading an XSLT in a faster manner in the browser


      We had a file Cabinet system that displays a user library tree for each and every user upon his login. user Library tree is a hierarchy of folders and files. We are now displaying this tree using XSLT. i.e., we are fetching out the relavant folder names and file names for that user, forming an XML string and from that we are forming the XSLT and displaying it in the browser.

      In the case when user have very large set of folders or files, response time is getting increased a lot and thus causing performance degradation while displaying the user library tree.

      Is there any other option so that I could load my tree faster. Is that concept of lazy loading helpful here . If so,please explain us how to implement that functionality .

      Are there any other ways of decreasing the response time. please let us know.

      Thanks in Advance,