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    Problem in resizing the datafiles

      Dear Gurus,

      We had a critical situation in one of our Streams enabled ODBPROD/HDBPROD configurations.
      We had a tablespace "STREAMS" in HDBPROD database which replicates data from ODBPROD of size 86GB of which 80GB is free.
      When we tried to resize the datafiles which are of each 8GB each, we are receving the error that some objects exists in the extents, even when I tried to reduce the file size by 100M.

      So, we are plnning to do a re-org on the tablespace and the optiosns which I have are.
      1) MOve the tables/objects with inthe tablespace.
      2) COALESCE the tablespace
      3) Create a new tablespace and move al the objects from Streams tablespace to the new one and once again create/rename the tablespace with STREAMS and move back iff created.

      My doubt here is while going with option 3) is it going to affect the stream apply process or any effect on the DML operations are reported.

      Please help me on this.