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    Reinstalling Oracle 11gR2 RAC Grid Problem - ASM Disks Group



      I am installing Oracle 11gR2 RAC using 2 Virtual Machines (rac1 and rac2 whose OS are Oracle Linux 5.6) in VMPlayer.

      I have been installing Grid Infrastructure using runInstaller in the first VM rac1 from step 1 to step 9 of 10.

      On the step 9 of 10 in the Wizard, accidentally, I touch the Mouse, and the Wizard is gone.

      The directory for installing Grid in the 2 VMs is the same: /u01

      In order to make sure everything is correct, I delete entire directory /u01 in the 2 VMs and install Grid in rac1 again.

      I have understood it's not the right way to delete /u01. The right way is to follow the tutorial

      But I have deleted /u01 and need to fix one by one. I install Grid again and get the error message on step 5 of 9 as follows:

      [INS - 30516] Please specify unique disk groups.
      [INS-3050] Empty ASM disk group.
      Cause - Installer has detected the disk group name provided already exists on the system.
      Action - Specify different disk group.

      In Wizard, the previous Disk Group name is "DATA" and its Candidate disks (5 ASMDISKs) are gone. I try to use a different name "DATA2", but no ASMDISKs come up under "Candidate disks". For "ALL Disks", all ASMDISKs cannot be selected.

      I want to use the same ASM disk group "DATA" and don't want to create a new disk group.

      My question is:

      How to have the previous ASM disks and its group "DATA" come up under "Candidate Disks" so that can use it again ?