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    Connecting between SIM card and Server OTA using BIP (CAT-TP layer)


      I'm building GSM SIM Card Operating System, which including GSM Applet, RAM Appet...

      I'm programming a RAM Appklet using BIP protocol according ETSI102.127 (about CAT-TP layer using BIP)

      I have a problem about connecting between SIM card and Server OTA using BIP

      I need to install Hellowold Applet by OTA using RAM and BIP protocol
      Some step which i have:
      1. Server OTA send PUSH command to install Hellowold applet
      2. SIM's RAM Applet received PUSH command
      3. SIM's RAM Applet send OPEN Channel with params in PUSH command
      //4. ME will display the text: "install applet helloword Accept ?" User press the button "OK"
      5. SIM's RAM Applet will send "SYN packet" to Server OTA to initial Connection between SIM card and Server OTA
      6. SIM's RAM Applet will waiting for "SYN,ACK packet" from Server OTA...

      When SIM's RAM Applet send "SYN packet" complete, my SIM card have not received any data from Server OTA.

      Some information:
      1. Server OTA will install Helloworld Applet successfully to Logos's SIM card using RAM and BIP protocol
      2. Server OTA is build by Logos Company
      3. from step 1 to step 5, my SIM RAM Applet is similar to Logos's SIM card
      4. my SIM have send to ME the Setup Eventlist at SIM card startup
      5. my SIM card have send IMEI Tracking to Server OTA at SIM card startup, which will support the information about ME, SIM card to Server OTA

      so that, any body can help me to resolve this problem ?