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    dtrace not matching hotspot* provider wildcard

      Solaris 11
      Issue tested on two different systems:
      * bare metal install on x64 core2 duo t8300 dell laptop
      * virtualbox solaris 11 appliance on x64 different core i3 thinkpad laptop

      Issue - running the /usr/dtrace/DTT/Java/j_calltimes.d does not match any probes and result set is empty.

      tested against jetty (201109 release version) java application server running solr 3.5
      tested with default install of java, and also both jdk 1.6 and 1.7 installed via the gui package manager and initiated via the jetty.sh startup scripts (ps -fe confirms correct jdk is used)
      tested with -d32 and -d64
      tested with -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes

      What does work is replacing the references to "hotspot*" in the j_calltimes.d script with the PID of the current process .. eg "hotspot1510"
      This is inconvenient because it means everytime the application is relaunched (often in dev cycles) yo need to update the several references to hotspot* in the dtrace script.

      Issue also present with another j_ script

      Is there a bug with matching "*" wildcards for providers?