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    Alter Target Table where Streams is Configured

      Dear All,

      Please help me in below issue.

      We have a setup configured with streams. Data is moving from Source DB table EMP (tables are migrated from legacy system) to Target DB Table STAGE_EMP. The structure of tables EMP and STAGE_EMP are different, we use DML Handler to populate the columns of STAGE_EMP table.

      Requirement 1: We need to add two more columns in the STAGE_EMP table.

      Requirement 2: We need to add the two columns in specific place of the STAGE_EMP (before the housekeeping columns). So we plan to create a new table with the new columns and populate the data from STAGE_EMP to the new table, drop the STAGE_EMP and rename the new table to STAGE_EMP.

      Question: Do we need to re-instantiate the SCN for these requirements or not?

      Thanks in advance!

      M Thiyagarajan