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    Issue with Active Directory connector


      We are using the active directory connector which comes with Oracle Waveset patch But we haven't upgraded the Oracle Waveset.

      It is still at the level AD resource test connection is succeeding and we were able to provision few accounts as well.

      But for some of the accounts and in some of the environents the account in IDM is not mapped to the account in AD properly. Before the upgrade it was mapped correctly.

      It shows an error like 'Account not found in resource AD'. When we try to Save that user, it throws an error like 'Object already exists'. But it doesn't map the account in IDM with the existing account in AD.

      Should we also upgrade IDM to make it work? As far as I know there is nothing to upgraded in IDM side for the AD connector upgrade.

      Please let me know if you have any thoughts to resolve thi situation. Thanks in advance.