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    Issue with FIELD VALIDATION in modify status

      I have a problem with a validation of field of a service request.
      My problem is this:

      I created this type of validation for the field STATE:

      ([<Status>] = LookupValue ("SR_STATUS", "Open") AND
      [<AccountName>] = 'TO CHANGE') OR
      ([<Status>] = LookupValue ("SR_STATUS", "Open") AND
      [<AccountName>] = 'TO BE DEFINED') OR
      ([<AccountName>] = 'SPAM') OR ([<AccountName>] <> 'SPAM' AND
      [<AccountName>] <> 'TO CHANGE' AND [<AccountName>] <> 'TO BE DEFINED' AND
      [<plReason_of_the_contact_ITAG>] <> LookupValue ("OCC_CUST_LOV_
      SR_10 "," To be defined "))

      Now say that the field "Account Name" is set with 'TO CHANGE' and the field "Reason of the contact" is set with "To be defined" and I try to close the service request, the validation works correctly and blocks me to closed the SR ([<Status>] = LookupValue ("SR_STATUS", "Open") AND
      [<AccountName>] = 'TO CHANGE').

      Now let's say I want to change the "Account Name" and "Reason of the contact" then set the ticket status to closed.
      Now the problems are:
      If I do NOT go into edit status of the ticket (edit button) and return on time then the "Account Name"=Jack first "Reason of the contact"=information and then was put Status as Closed, validation allows me to close the ticket. Perfect.

      But if I go into Edit state (with the Button Edit SR) of the ticket and change simultaneously "Account Name"=Jack and "Reason of the contact"=information and Status="Closed" and then do Save, validation is not working properly and gives me the message as if I had not changed the Account Name.
      She acts as if he hadn't interpreted the change of fields.

      Please Help me!
      Any suggestion??