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    Model a process with multiple roles, and some activitys don't apply to all

      Hi all,

      I'm just beginning with BPMN, so please go easy on me...

      Modelling a unique process with multiple and different roles (for example A, B, C) where some activitys don't apply to some roles.

      I've a cenario where i'm trying to map a unique Process, with (for example) four activities where some don't aply to some roles.

      Role A- All the activities apply
      Role B - only the last two
      Role C- All apply, but the first one

      I've tried to map it with Lanes, where each lane represents a Role but, I'can't map : 1 activity applys to all or, one activity applys just to one role.

      Also tried to map this cenario with tree Process - Process Role A, Process B and so on.. but it doesn't feel right. Mixing Roles with process names

      My last cenario is: mapping it with lanes (onde Role-One Lane) , and create occurrences of the activity.

      My question is whether there is any better way to model this?

      Any thoughts appreciated