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    IIS 7.5 not responsing while getting query from remote Oracle Server


      Scenario - 1:

      I have installed IIS 7.5 on windows 2008 R2 (64bit) and Oracle 10g Enterprise (64bit) on another computer having same operating system, and using ODAC112030_x64 to make connection.

      Now the problem is, it making the connection successfully but taking too much time retrieve a query from remote database server (oracle).

      Scenario - 2:
      But on the other hand I also installed IIS 7.5 with all same configuration on Windows 7 (64bit) and its running fine. It retrieve a query much faster than above scenario 1.

      Plz let me know why or suggest me how I can overcome to scenario 1, because scenario 1 computer is attached to public ip. Thou, it was running fine when the remote oracle server was on 32bit operating system, but as I shifted to 64bit I am facing performance issue i.e. very slow record retrieval.

      You may check the scenario 1 by visiting,
      the first page is simple aspx.net page without any database connection but as you select or click on the desire Language button surrounded by dotted line it will ask a database to retrieve some records. (DON'T WORRY ENGLISH IS mandatory language in both option).

      Kindly, let me out from this problem.

      waiting for your positive response.