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    Jar certificate out of date warning when certificate is current

      Our company got a new certificate from Verisign in November 2011, and performed the necessary steps to import the file into a .p7b file to sign our jars. In February 2012, we created new jars and then signed them, and tried to run them with a jnlp file. When we try to run the jnlp file, we get the warning

      The digital signature file was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired. If we click More Information ... then Certificate Details ... then Validity, the date range is from November 2011 to January 2013.

      So, a jar created in February 2012, signed in February 2012 and run in February 2012, is receiving a warning that the certificate has expired, when all the actions are taking place within the date range of the certificate.

      What could be causing this erroneous warning, and how can we fix it?