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    Get started with web service API

      I have a test installation and I can run the web service calls using the URL https://myserver.com/sgd/admin/apitest/. I can authenticate and start a session and open an application using this apitest fixture.

      I can't find any documentation about using the web service API beyond the javadocs. Can someone tell me the default web service endpoint so I can download the wsdl? Are there any examples or tutorials out there for writing a web application that calls the web service APIs?
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          The documentation was published on the Sun Wikis at http://wikis.sun.com/display/SecureGlobalDesktop/Web+Services+Home+Page This is no longer available.

          There are examples under:
          sgd/examples/* (user examples)
          sgd/admin/* (administration examples)

          The basic sequence for a user application is:
          - authenticate
          - setTCCConfiguration
          - startTCC
          <do your thing>
          - endMultiViewSession

          Those calls are all on WebtopSession.

          "<do your thing>" might be
          - display a webtop (WebtopContent)
          - launch an application (EmulatorSession)
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            You can also take a look at my blog. I posted a few post regarding the OSGD API: