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    Financial Reports WIndows Service(s) missing?

    Joe Aultman
      I'm trying to install Oracle EPM version, and I'm pretty far along, but this seems weird. Everything is installed and configured, but I have no Windows service(s) for FR on the services tier server.

      Looking at the startup order in the Installation and Configuration Guide, I see Financial Reporting Services listed just before Financial Reporting application server. I assume this is what used to be the 4 services on the services tier server that have been consolidated to 2, but I don't see any.

      I double-checked the installer, and I have no check box under the 'Services' tier heading for FR, and no "Financial Reporting Services" item listed when I go into "choose individually." This seems wrong, but I'm not sure. I re-downloaded all 13 files from e-delivery that are flagged as necessary in the Readme. Still, nothing.

      Print server is installed with the FR client, evidently? Is it not a server-side service anymore? Or is it now OK to install the FR client on the same machine that the server is on, which used to cause problems?

      Thanks for your consideration,

      -- Joe
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          Nicholas King
          Hi Joe,

          Can you provide a link to the documentation you are reviewing and make sure it is for version?

          There are two services for FR - the Financial Reporting Web Service and the Financial Reporting Print Service. That is all that you should need.

          For information on how to configure the print service check here,

          It is a server side component that they decided to bundle with the client installer... It's a bit strange to me.