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    Problem with the emulator in J2ME SDK 3.0

      I'm using J2ME platform SDK 3.0 and i have a problem with the emulator. When it starts, it don't shows me what he has to show me. For example, for the *"hello world"* application, instead display the text *"hello world"*, it displays me (In the mobile screen of the emulator):

      *1- Install application*
      *2- Manage Certificate Authorities*

      And when i choose "Install Application"...it displays *"Install application"*, it displays *"http://"*, with title Enter a website to install From *"Enter a website to install From"*.

      I noticed also something, and I don't know if this is normal or not: when i right click on the icon of the device manager (in the task-bar of windows), i got *"Device manager"* grayed, as if it was disabled...
      Please help me, you are my last resort.
      Thank you.

      HP DV7 4go de RAM
      Windows 7 64 bits

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