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Using multiple values of APPDIR

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Hello Team,

I have a new requirement whose explanation is below:

Prepare a UBBCONFIG/TUXCONFIG file in such a way that for each server Tuxedo first pick up the EXE from location */appdev1/bin* . If EXE is not found at first location then it should look into other location i.e */appdev2/bin*. If EXE not found in second location also then look for third location and so on.

Basically it seems to use different values for APPDIR without hardcoding absolute path in SERVERS section.

Please suggest me your valuable thought to implement this ?

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    Hi Rakesh,

    From the Tuxedo documentation on the *SERVERS section of the UBBCONFIG:

    where AOUT specifies the file (string_value) to be executed by tmboot(1). tmboot executes AOUT on the machine specified for the server group to which the server belongs. tmboot searches for the AOUT file on its target machine. Thus, AOUT must exist in a filesystem on that machine. (Of course, the path to AOUT can include RFS connections to filesystems on other machines.) If a relative pathname for a server is given, the search for AOUT is done first in APPDIR, then in TUXDIR/bin, then in /bin, and then in path, where path is the value of the last PATH= line appearing in the machine environment file, if one exists. The values for APPDIR and TUXDIR are taken from the appropriate machine entry in the TUXCONFIG file. See ENVFILE in the MACHINES section for a more detailed discussion.

    So you should be able to set the PATH environment variable in the machine's environment file and get the desired behavior.

    Todd Little
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