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    Browser Time Out

      Can anybody tell what the config change is to disable session time outs?

      Thanks in advance

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          Can anyone answer this question?

          I'm working through tons of WMI issues and the darn GUI times out so I have to log back in and navigate to the spot I was just in....

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            Check out the Oracle® Enterprise Manager Ops Center Security Guide under "Protect Session Data" .

            You need to modify /var/opt/sun/xvm/bui/webapps/emoc/WEB-INF/web.xml

            <!-- normal and config flow session idle timeouts, in minutes -->

            Although the guide says about using a smaller value increasing it works as well =)
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              We found that session timeout value will prevent an auto logout (you don't get dumped to the login screen after X time) if its extended, but if you don't pull data (I usually do a shift-reload) before trying some actions, you can sometimes still be logged out. For some reason shift-reload resets its idea of your activity timer without forcing another login.
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                how about loading a plugin for your browser on your local machine that does an auto refresh (shift-reload/F5) every few minutes.?