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    Beehive BDK create wiki page

    Al S-Oracle

      Im using the Beehive BDK in java, generated off https://stbeehive.oracle.com/ws/wsdl using ant and WSIMPORT.

      I can get lots of the code to work, but when I create the wiki page, I get nothing no content etc.

      The basic code is below. The page is created with the name etc as I expect. Just no content.

      Ideas? Thoughts? Examples are greatly appreciated!

      Note that in an earlier example the IdentifiableSimpleContentUpdater class was used vs the SimpleContentUpdater. However the example called setContentStream(byte[])). Unfortuantely this method doesn't exist when I generate the java interfaces from the WSDL. On SimpleContentUpdater there is a similar method setContentBytes(byte[]) but it doesn't seem to work.

                TeamWorkspace teamWS = getWorkspace(workspaceName);
                if (teamWS == null ) {
                     throw new BHException("createOID cannot create OIG, workspace '"+workspaceName+"' does not exist");
                * Create a wiki page using the default wiki page folder
                * specified by the parent id
           WikiPageCreator wikiPageCreator = new WikiPageCreator();

      * Ignore attempts by two users to create the same page
      * In theory its a new page so it should never happen
           * Wiki page updater specifies information about the wiki page itself
           * Meta-data basically, note that the name is set in the creator
           WikiPageUpdater wikiPageUpdater = new WikiPageUpdater();
           wikiPageUpdater.setDescription("OIG Template");
           wikiPageUpdater.setIncrementViewCount(true); // increment view count when someone looks
           /*Identifiable */ SimpleContentUpdater updater = new /*Identifiable*/ SimpleContentUpdater();
           IdentifiableSimpleContentUpdater updater2 = new IdentifiableSimpleContentUpdater();
           String content = new String();
           content ="this is some content";
           try {
                     updater.setContentBytes (content.getBytes("UTF-8"));
                } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
           getWikiService().createWikiPage(wikiPageCreator, null,getProjection("BASIC"));
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          The reason the wiki page is empty is you have only done the second part of the process - you have to upload your content first and then associate the content with the wiki page - it is a 2 step process. - unfortunately it looks like the upload functionality was not put in the service so you will have to use REST which does have the necessary pieces.


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