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    Configure webutil in forms 11g release 2

      Dear All
      How i can configure webutil in forms 11g r 2

      thanks in advanced
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          Configuring WebUtil at OS:

          1.Download WebUtil http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/forms/files/webutil/webutil_106.zip
          2. Download Java Com Library http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jacob-project/jacob_18.zip
          3. Extract both zips to some directory.
          4. Copy
          File frmwebutil.jar
          From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106\java To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

          File: jacob.jar
          From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

          File: d2kwut60.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll
          From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106\webutil To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

          File: jacob.dll
          From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

          File: forms_base_ie.js, forms_ie.js
          - From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106\java To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

          File: webutil.olb, webutil.pll and create_webutil_db.sql
          From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms

          File: webutilbase.htm, webutiljini.htm, webutiljpi.htm and webutil.cfg
          - From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106\server To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server

          File: sign_webutil.bat
          - From folder: webutil_106\webutil_106\webutil To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

          5. In $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/formsweb.cfg file
          Change the following entries

          # Forms applet archive setting for JInitiator

          if you use JRE plugin then this line also required


          6. In $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/default.env file change the following entries


          # webutil config file path

          Add frmwebutil.jar, jacob.jar into Classpath


          7. Add frmwebutil.jar and Jacob.jar path entries into Windows Registry (Start > Run > type regedit and press enter) goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > ORACLE > DEVSUITE_HOME > FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH Variable.
          Note: if you are using Linux then instead of this setup the environment variable.

          8. Sign Webutil JAR files by running these following commands Make sure Form Builder is Closed

          C:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\webutil>sign_webutil.bat c:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\java\frmwebutil.jar
          C:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\webutil>sign_webutil.bat c:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\java\jacob.jar

          Configuring Database:

          1. Connect as Scott or your User
          2. Run the script $ORACLE_HOME/forms/create_webutil_db.sql using SQLPLUS or any tool.

          Setting up Form Builder:

          1. Open Form builder Connect with SCOTT and in PL/SQL libraries open Webutil.pll file
          2. File > Save as and Rename the file to different name e.g WebUtil_lib
          (Trust me it works to avoid Webutil not found error) :)
          3. Compile the new PLL file and generate it
          4. Attached the new named Webutil_lib.pll to your form with Remove Path option YES.
          5. Open WebUtil.olb file Object group in builder and copy or subclass it into your form.
          6. Now compile your form and run it.

          Note: Browser will ask to certify these libraries first time Choose ALWAYS certify. Check Java Console icon on the task bar and see frmwebtul.jar and jacob.jar are loaded successfully.
          7. Press Browse button on form and choose Datafile.txt and Press Open...Text file will load into the Data Block.

          Check this Manual for further info on WebUtil
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            thanks for your response
            i try all steps but no thing changed
            note that i am using oracle forms 11g release 2 and its different to forms 10g
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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              Wow - back up.....

              The steps noted above do not fully apply to version 11. The most important flaw is the idea of downloading webutil from OTN. WebUtil 1.0.6 should NOT be used with any Forms version newer than It was intended only for Forms 9. Version 10.1.2 and newer already include the proper version. In version 11, the only piece missing is jacob. Additionally, most of the configuration is completed for you as part of the install process.

              Refer to MyOracleSupport note 1093985.1 for complete details.

              How to Configure Webutil in Forms 11g (Doc ID 1093985.1)

              Because you did not explain what you mean by "it does not work", I can't offer much more than that. However, in most cases, especially if you are new to Forms or using WebUtil, the problem is caused by not properly including the webutil config information at runtime. For example, Oracle includes an example configuration set in formsweb.cfg by default. Simply add a reference to "webutil" in your url at runtime.

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                Yes your answer is correct
                in 11g not as in 10g
                i solved my problem