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    "Credentials could not be validated" Error -  Weblogic deployment of BSSV

    Ryan Armstrong
      Hi All
      I am a long time integrator with little JDE experience.
      I am tasked with getting Business Services published from JDE Business Functions.
      I have followed the MTRs and have Weblogic 10.3 on a Windows 2008 64 bit server.
      JDE is E812 with tools 8.98 4
      The Management Agent is installed and on the Server Manager, the Business Services Server was created.

      A business function has been written and after following the steps from both the Business Services Dev guide and a presentation from openworld, the function was built into a published Business Services.

      Now, when this is tested, both from the JDeveloper Integrated Server and from the Weblogic described above, the following error occurs:
      "Credentials could not be validated from message or from configuration file"

      Can anyone suggest why this happens? Are there deployments missing from my J2EE?

      Apart from the deployment from the Jdevelopper, a complete build of the ear has been done and deployed on the managed server, but this gives the same error.

      I have checked that the jdbj.ini is installed correctly and that the details are correct in there.

      Any help would be appreciated.


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