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    Oracle JRockit issue configuring New Connection with Remote Server

      I am new to Oracle JRockit Mission Control 3.1.2 and I was able to connect to Local weblogic server
      But while using the remote server I am facing issue and it gives status as "Unable to Connect" . \
      I am not able to know the complete error also

      Steps I have done
      1. Configured Weblogic to run with parameters
      -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=DEV6 -Xmanagement:ssl=false,authenticate=false,port=7099,autodiscovery=true

      2. Checked in the console and it mentioned java.rmi.server =DEV6 and Remote JMX service started

      3. Given the multicast address of the UNIX server (Converted the HEX IPV6 address to IPV4 address)

      4. Supplied the Multicast address and Port (Multicast Address and Port) to JRockit Mission Control-> Browser Preferences ->JDP Preferences and tried Autodiscovery

      5. The remote server console shows JMX address as service:jmx:iiop://<host>:<port>/jndi/weblogic.management.mbeanservers.runtime so I have given that in the
      JMX Service URL as service:jmx:iiop://<host>:<port>/jndi/jmxrmi

      6. It shows Status as Unable to Connect with no more information