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    SQL Developer Migrate mySQL to 11g gets ORA-00972 due to 30 char name limit

      I am running MySQL version 5.5.30 server, SQL Developer 3.0.04 Build MAIN-04.34, and Oracle Enterprise Server, and using Migrate option to move both data dictionary and data from mysql to Oracle
      Most of the steps worked fine using OnLine option: used Capture just fine to generate the repositiory, and Convert generated DDL script just fine in the SQL Developer file folder.
      It failed to create users due to privs, but I created them manually: emulation user and also the MYSQL data schema user, after which I took the generated DDL, connected to my Oracle data schema user, and ran the DDL to basically create all the objects. And found out that over 50 tables / column names from MYSQL are longer then 30 char, and thus the generated DDL fails to create objects..

      Question - I can manually replace the names with shorter 30 char names, but if I do, my data migration step will not work.
      i cannot find references to 'name too long' problem anywhere is SQL Server documentation..

      here is the Oracle error example:

      Error report:
      SQL Error: ORA-00972: identifier is too long
      00972. 00000 - "identifier is too long"
      *Cause:    An identifier with more than 30 characters was specified.
      *Action:   Specify at most 30 characters.
      Creating Primary Key Constraint PRIMARY_1 on table bank_account ...